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Our first songs. Recorded and engineered by TJ Maynard at The Bog of Eternal Stench in Colchester, VT.


released August 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Writhe Burlington, Vermont

Jordan Paolini
Drew Storcks
TJ Maynard
John Stella

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Track Name: Verum Confractum
Verum Confractum
This paragon is failing us; rob from the womb and swallow. Actions of scum have shamed us all; our voices are suppressed. The seeds of hope murdered by frost. Murdered by frost. Murder at cost. The stench of blood will not wash out. The taste of flesh won't leave the mouth of the giant. Our axiom has been wrong all along. Blood in...blood out. Our axiom, wrong all along. We were once blind, but now we see. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.
Track Name: Demiurge
We've come this far and we have failed. Dragged through the fray. Burned at the stake. Words from a god, bait on their hooks. Hard to believe that forked tongues speak so well spinning lies in the name of a lord. This can't go on...lay it down. This has become a laughing stock. Lay it down. Pray on the weak, then throw them out. Infest their minds and feed on doubt. Resist.
Track Name: XXIX:VI
Time came and went. Tongues cut and twisted up in a million knots. Riven limbs die off and rot when severed from the trunk. This vessel impuissant, can no longer withstand. I have nothing more to offer up. Nothing more than these hands hold dear. The harbinger of death is near and though I've kept him long at bay, he has been keeping count of foolery in my decisions. There is nothing left here to praise. A monument of filth and avarice. Behold, cultured forbearance of the truth, and in my hand a hangman's noose. I've become the scythe and the reaper, and I will rip what has been sown. You know spoils of deceit; your death will be my holiday.
Track Name: Erasmus
I hear the whisper of a peeping Tom from behind. I feel the pulse under blue collars fading fast. I smell decay of a race that once stood high. I taste the salt from the pillar of what was just. This is maddening. I choked...I stumbled...I fell through the floor. Unleash the dogs, their intentions are clear. Dragged behind horses throughout the town square. Caught in the jaws tracking my flaws. I've lost all hope. All hope is lost. I fell...I've fallen...I've fallen apart. Always watching, never resting. Always hungry, never fasting. Run for your life because nowhere is safe, and no one is sane.
Track Name: Strangers
I come before to bare witness, for the painting on the wall depicted a downfall. Wombs of the Earth will open and ignite. Souls of the lost will be beckoned to return to life. Fallacious, loathsome and vile. Ready to take the home that they left. Stripped of notions of love or reprieve. Hordes of depraved fueled by rancor from the deep. With no chance left, I bow my head. Accept my fate and just give in. Creatures will not leave again. Balance vanished. The scale shifted. In time, we'll die. Breathless and abandoned, they are breaching through the crust with a purpose decreed and acknowledged to be the ending of life. Pawns on a board, all that we are. Fought for the throne, then fell on swords. Pointless it's been, like moths to flame. What's dead will not be left to rot. Emergence with vengeance.