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I come before to bare witness, for the painting on the wall depicted a downfall. Wombs of the Earth will open and ignite. Souls of the lost will be beckoned to return to life. Fallacious, loathsome and vile. Ready to take the home that they left. Stripped of notions of love or reprieve. Hordes of depraved fueled by rancor from the deep. With no chance left, I bow my head. Accept my fate and just give in. Creatures will not leave again. Balance vanished. The scale shifted. In time, we'll die. Breathless and abandoned, they are breaching through the crust with a purpose decreed and acknowledged to be the ending of life. Pawns on a board, all that we are. Fought for the throne, then fell on swords. Pointless it's been, like moths to flame. What's dead will not be left to rot. Emergence with vengeance.


from Strangers, released August 24, 2013



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Writhe Burlington, Vermont

Jordan Paolini
Drew Storcks
TJ Maynard
John Stella

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